Rosette Royale

Rosette Royale (he/she/they) is a Seattle-based writer and storyteller. For more than a decade, he worked as a writer and editor at Real Change, a weekly newspaper sold by low-income and homeless people. He’s the recipient of the 2008 Sigma Delta Chi Award for Feature Writing, a national honor. He currently works as the story-gathering consultant for the AIDS Memorial Pathway, helping to create a digital archive of local people sharing stories about how HIV/AIDS has impacted their lives. He’s also writing a book about his experiences exploring the Olympic temperate rain forests with a homeless nature photographer.

10:15 AM workshop

Why Your Story Matters

This session will discuss the power of personal narrative. It will present guidance on how to identify the arc of your life and pinpoint moments that have set you on your present course. It will reveal how to view your story in the larger context of political and cultural events. And it will offer suggestions for books/memoirs/movies you can refer to for inspiration.